Thierry Mugler – ‘Womanity’ review



My dad purchased this perfume for me when he was on holidays in Malta, I’d never heard of it before but I’m a major fan of Thierry Mugler’s perfume ‘Alien’ so I was excited to try it. I got the 30 ml bottle which is around £30, the packaging is so funky, the lid is like a ring which is attached onto the bottle by a chain so it can’t be lost. The bottle is amazing as I noticed there is a little face coming out of the side of the glass. It reminds me of knights and metal armour, I think it is meant to represent girl power and ‘womanity.’ The smell is amazing in my opinion, don’t get me wrong but it reminds me of almost a masculine smell at first, in a good way! It’s rich, sweet yet dark, mysterious and Classy. It smells expensive to me, by this I mean that it doesn’t have that sweet smell that most chemist bought perfumes have, it has a lot more depth to it. Alien has a similar smell in that it is sweet yet mysterious. I would definately recommend this if you’re a fan of ‘Alien,’ you won’t be let down! My boyfriend commented that it smelt really good, so it MUST be nice! Haha! Xx



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