‘Decleor Paris Gradual glow hydrating body milk’ review





In this article you will get the low down on the latest hydrating body milk to hit my collection, and blow the others off the shelf. That is the ‘Decleor Paris Gradual glow hydrating body milk.’  Trust me when I say this is one not to miss.

I don’t know if it was it the ‘curvalicious,’ shape of the bottle that caught my attention, or the bright, dazzling colour. Whatever it was, it made me need to buy it. ‘Decleor Paris’ is a well known brand, although I haven’t bought many of their products in the past due to being a student on a low budget. This one stood out to me as there are no parabens used in it, which is always a plus, the fewer chemicals the better, right?  The bottle contains a hefty 250 ml of goodness and it comes with a twisting motion open/lock lid. It is a thick consistency, yet feels light on the skin; it is not runny in the slightest which is great for saving on waste. It has a sweet fragrance to it that reminds me of sun lotion and a flowery scented perfume, mixed into one. If you aren’t keen on smelly creams, this won’t be for you, as the smell, is quite strong. For me, the smell wasn’t a big deal as you become unaware of it quickly.

The gradual glow from this product is very natural; you definitely won’t wake up in the morning with orange patches from areas of your skin you have missed. It takes time to build up the colour in it. I would recommend this as a daily moisturiser in the summer as it will leave a constant glow all season, without signs of fake tan use. If you are looking a strong colour quickly, this won’t be for you, but if you want a buildable, hydrating product, give this a go. Don’t let the buildable colour put you off as the colour you do receive after a number of uses is rather beautiful, if I do say so myself! Let’s just say bronzed goddess comes to mind!

The moisture my skin absorbed from using this product is insane. I have quite dry skin, but it loved being smothered in this body milk. The hydration it received after using it could be felt all day. It will leave your skin feeling vibrant and full of life from the first use. I recommend this product for anyone ages between 18 upwards, as the hydration levels are fabulous.

I’m giving this product a gold star (in my imagination) for its great value for money, natural, sunny glow and high moisturising power. Get it before it runs out!

Ps. I want to apologize for my lack of activity on my blog recently, I’m in my last semester of an HND, which requires an awful lot of work, as well as applying for jobs like crazy and planning on moving over seas, so yeah… things have been kind of crazy lately! Please stick by me though, I promise to make more of an effort! 🙂 x