The “perfect” skinny jeans


I think every girl has a pair of skinny jeans that aren’t exactly flattering, they might be gaping in areas they should be hugging or else they’re making you look slightly over weight as your skin gapes out for a chance to breath. Yes, we’ve all been there, and i’m no different! I decided to talk about this as recently I’ve found some skinnys that i’m actually happy with, I know, shocking. 

I’ve tried so many different brands from high street labels to designer names, and, to be honest, they were pretty much similar in fit, not perfect. This is obviously a difficult piece of clothing as it has to suit so many different body shapes; we are all different shapes and sizes and that’s why one size doesn’t “fit all” when it comes to skinny jeans. I recently opted for the “super skinny” style jeans and the “jeggings”. These are pretty much the must figure hugging out there on the market. You might be surprised to hear that the skinny jeans I was most impressed with were from Primark, costing me £7 (bargain!), at first I thought, I can’t go wrong at that price, but when i tried them on I was shocked at how good they fitted me. I’m a size 6/8 in jeans, so, I can only speak for myself when I say they fitted me amazingly, but seriously, they have blown all the other labels out of the water!

My second pair of impressive trousers are the “Molly Jeggings” from River Island. At first I wasn’t sure about the deep, deep blue colour they came in, it wasn’t the “normal” jean colour which I was hoping to find. Never the less I tried them on, although I was highly doubtful I’d be impressed. To my utmost surprise, they fitted me, perfectly, there was no pain to wriggle into them or any unflattering gaping. At this stage I decided to forget about the colour, they were fitting me amazingly and I WAS getting them no matter what. 

So, after clearing out a drawer full of jeans that I had never even wore, I can now say the two pairs that fit me the best are from high street brands, Primark and River Island. My advice would be to opt for the super skinny or the jeggings if you want more comfort! 

Thanks for reading, Lyndsy. 

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Images: Jumper from River Island, Jeans from River Island.