Timotei Pure Shampoo Review





Why did you buy this shampoo?

I bought it because I recently got micro ring extensions in my hair and they require a shampoo with no sulfates. I was recommended this one by my hairdresser as it contains 0% Silicone’s, 0% Parabens and 0% colourants! You would be surprised at how much rubbish is in shampoo these days. I needed a ‘natural’ shampoo so it doesn’t damage the micro rings in my hair. 

What is it like compared to other non natural shampoos?

It is clear in colour and feels more runny than the ‘normal’ shampoos I would use such as Herbal Essences, for example. It has a citrus, tropical type smell which I was surprised at as it is a natural shampoo. I can’t rub this shampoo vigorously on my hair because of my extensions, but it doesn’t seem to foam up just as much as a normal shampoo would.

Does it clean your hair properly?

Yes, yes, YES! I have to admit that I was worried it might not clean my hair properly, I don’t know why, I guess it was because I thought, ‘there is nothing in this, it won’t work!’ It actually really does clean your hair properly, if even better than my normal shampoos! Here is a photo of my hair freshly washed using this shampoo. Notice how clean my roots look!



What is the price?

It costs £2.99 from Super Drug, So I certainly am not complaining!

Is there a conditioner?

Yes, I recently tried the conditioner in the ‘Pure’ brand for highlighted hair, and it was so silky soft and really moisturised my hair. I will be purchasing more of this!

Is there only a ‘Normal to Greasy’ option?

Yes, I looked for a ‘dry’ option as my hair gets very dry and there is none, this is the only option I have found so far. There is a shampoo and conditioner in one but I don’t like using these mixed types all through my hair.

What would you rate it out of 10?


What is your over all opinion?

I really like this product and I am glad I found it. I will use it even after my hair extensions are taken out as it is bound to be a lot better for your hair as it is ‘natural,’ as well as dead cheap! The bottle is a big size for the price but it is quite runny in texture and so you may use it up quicker than a normal shampoo.I also think it would be great if they brought out a ‘dry hair’ option instead of just the ‘normal to greasy’ one as not everyone’s hair is suitable for it.

I hope you all enjoyed this review! Leave me some feedback, it would be much appreciated! Have you tried this out? What did you think of it? x


October products of the month


I decided to create a post similar to monthly empties, but in this case I haven’t used up every single product and that’s why I’m calling it products of the month! I had a lot more products I could of talked about but I didn’t want to blather on too much than I already will do!

The first product I’m going to write about is the glaze cinnamon scented candle with a Christmassy design on the holder. I bought it for £2 from Tesco on special offer, it smells amazing and is really appropriate for the Winter season! It’s a good size for the price and I’ve got a lot of turns out of it and there is plenty more to come.


The next item is the finishing touches fake glue on nails produced especially for Superdrug. The ones I purchased have half a white tip at the top with 3 glitter line coming from it. The glitter gives it a more glamorous finish than just the plain white French look. This product was just over £3, all the other fake nails were dearer. I got mine in short length as I have teeny fingers and hands. I am really impressed with these as I usually am left with 1 fake nail after a couple of days but these have lasted me 6 days and I have only had to reapply 2 nails. I have been swimming, in a jacuzzi and sauna, washed dishes etc and they have still managed to last this long, for £3! I’ll be repurchasing these again. (Glue is included.)


The third item i’ll mention is the ‘Lovely’ perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker. I love this perfume as it’s a light sweet scent that you could go to use every day, the bottle design is so chic and classy, it reminds me of pink roses! I think over all it represents Sarah Jessica Parker perfectly. I would definately buy this for a friend as a gift for Christmas as it isn’t very expensive but it’s beautiful for the price.


My boyfriend bought the “Lynx Arrract for her” for himself, even though it’s meant to be for girls, so I ended up using it a couple of times and I have to say it is a lovely smell. It’s fruity and sweet but I find these type of body spray/deodorants don’t keep their smell for long at all. I wouldn’t buy this again.

photo 5

The next item I’ve been using this month is the Avon Nail experts liquid freeze product which is a quick dry nail spray. It cost around £3 and the bottle is 50ml. I have to admit it does work, every time I paint my nails, I smudge them without a doubt. I am just far too impatient to sit waving my hands around to dry, so this product I just had to try. Luckily for me, it worked, within a couple of minutes I dared to touch my nails and they were dry, hooray! it does have a chemical smell to it and it is quite greesy, but as long as you wash your hands after you’ll be fine.

photo (14)

The last product I’m going to mention is the hair, skin and nail vitamins I have been taking to try and get my hair to grow, you can read about my hair growth battle here. They were £3 from Tesco and I wasn’t willing to pay double the price for a different brand that was a bit more “posh,” when the ingredients were exactly the same! First of all, these tablets are big brutes, I HATE taking tablets so it’s not nice trying to swallow them down, it doesn’t help the fact that they taste disgusting. The taste lingers in your mouth for a couple of minutes and makes me want to vomit! (Sorry about the graphic thought.) If you take a drink straight after taking them you should be fine. I don’t know if they are doing much for me as of yet as I have only been taking them for a couple of weeks, but for the price you can’t really ask for more, I’d buy them again if I notice a difference with my skin, hair and nails! x

photo 3 (1)

OOTD – Shopping spree


Skull scarf – Primark

Striped midi dress – Miss Selfridge

Converse – DV8

Blazor – Dorothy Perkins

Bag – New Look



I wore my hair in a simple updo, I always choose a sleek ponytail when I’m short on time. 

Foundation – Revlon colourstay in shade 250.

Bronzer – Bourjois Paris maxi delight bronzer 02.

Eyebrows – HD Brows “Foxy.”

Eyeliner – Benefit eyebright pencil.

Mascara – Rimmel Scandaleyes.



This post has been a long time coming! I have used Foxy Locks Extensions for the past 2/3 years now in the shade “Honey Blonde.” I ordered my first pair in the shade “Bleach Blonde,” as that is what the company advised me to go for by using there hair colour matching service .I got my first pair in the lightest weight there is which is 125g, which is “suited for finer, longer hair.” When they arrived I knew straight away they were far too light for my hair. This shade is suitable for very, very bleached, light blonde hair, and my hair has a slightly more natural tone than this. It was simple and quick to return them and get them changed for the colour “Honey Blonde” which I just had to take a chance on. I would have to say that the colours on the website do not look the same as they really are, and I can understand that it is going to be hard to choose from different shades of, pretty much the same colour!

My extensions were returned to me very quickly which is always a bonus, and I was happy to say that they matched my hair a lot more this time. The extensions are 20/22 inches long and when i put them in my hair I have to admit I thought it looked ridiculously fake, because of the length and they were pin straight. I decided to cut them myself to a more suitable length, and I have to say they looked a lot more natural after doing this. This pair lasted me a good year even after cutting them myself!

I decided to get a new pair as my old pair had got quite thin with me constantly styling and brushing them. I wanted to get another pair in 125g, as my hair is fine and I didn’t think i’d need a thicker pair, but after checking the website for days upon days, the colour and weight I was looking was STILL out of stock, I sent emails about this and was told that the stock gets updated every 2-3 weeks, but it didn’t at this particular time. I was desperate, so ended up getting the 165g in “Deluxe,” which is slightly more expensive. I was pretty unsure about what colour to go for, as there was a shade called “Imogen Blonde Highlights” which the owner claims to use, and she has very light blonde hair, which I thought looked very close to the same shade as mine. It arrived and unfortunately it had a bit too much dark shades in it for my hair. Once again I had to return my extensions and I opted for the “honey blonde” shade as It was looking like the closest shade I was going to get. They were returned very quickly again. 

I loved how thick these extensions were, they felt so soft and long, just what every girl wants! I noticed that the colour had a strong yellow shade which must be because they were brand new, so I decided to take a risk and I ran a drop of silver shampoo through them as quickly as I could, and this took some of that yellowness out thankfully, so it was a lot more closer to my colour at this point. I decided not to cut them this time and just to work with the length. The extensions look amazing curled loosely and so natural, when I have them straight I worry about the clips showing because they are a little bit heavy on my hair, but i manage to hide them with a lot of backcombing. I receive a lot of compliments on my hair and people would ask if I’m wearing extensions and they would be shocked when I say I am, because the colour and quality is so good! I’ve been wearing this pair for a couple of months now and the softness and shininess is quickly fading, but they are fine after conditioning them every so often. I would have to say that if you are thinking about buying these extensions, go for it, but be prepared to send them back to change the colour as the names of the colours are very deceiving, apart from this, go for it and let down your new hair!!!