All about me – I tag YOU


I was tagged to do this post by my lovely friend OhKay DohKay! It is a questions and answer tag with all the juicy questions I would like to know about a blogger! Hope you enjoy this read! I will be doing a beauty post very soon, watch this space.

Back to Basics!

Nicknames- Lynds, Loop as my dad likes to call me, Lynda, some just like to call me fabulous 😉 haha…

Birthday- 23.10.93

Occupation- Full time Media student and part time shop assistant.

Residence- Northern Ireland!


Hair Colour- Blonde.

Hair Length- Long now with my micro ring extensions in, but it is just at my collarbone naturally.

Eye Colour- Blue.

Height- 5ft4.

Glasses- Yeah, I wear contact lenses in public most of the time, but glasses are so much handier! My eyesight is shocking!

Piercings- My ears is all!

Tattoos- Nope. Not one.

Left or Right- Right!

Your Firsts

Best friend- Sophie Willis from Primary school.

First boyfriend- I really don’t know what counts as a boyfriend when you are so young lol! My first proper boyfriend was when I was around 16.

First School- King’s Park Primary School.

First Holiday- I’ve been on lots of holidays, it was probably to Tenerife or somewhere like that.


Movie- The Notebook, Machine Gun Preacher, Jango Unchained.

TV Show- TOWIE, Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners and any health or lifestyle documentaries (don’t judge me).

Colour- I like Pink, sunset orange and lemon.

Books/Authors- I don’t read a lot to be honest, the books I have enjoyed the most have been Celebrity stories particularly Cheryl Coles.

Song- Too many! I like a lot of different songs but Christian music such as Hillsong is amazing, I also love the latest pop songs and a bit of r&b!

Candy- Hmm I love my chocolate more than anything else really.

Store- Primark, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, H&m and River Island all mixed into one please.

Resteraunt-Blue Chicago and The Viscount are my 2 favourites.

Magazines- Company is my fave.


Feeling- Slightly panicky about assignments, with a hint of happiness! Pretty much my usual mood!

Webpage open- This and OhKay DohKay’s blog page!

Watching- Nothing, just myself typing as I’m in college.

Thinking- What have I to do for college and for when? What time will I go home? What will I do this evening?!

Hoping- Next week comes quickly!

Wearing- Skinny jeans, a white tank top, a checkered shirt, long brown boots and a cream gillet.

The Future.

Children- Twins please, but not for a long, long time.

Married- Yes.

Live- Wales which will be in the not too far future! 🙂

Have you ever?

Kissed a Stranger- Sort of! Oops.

Drunk Alcohol- Yup.

Smoked- Nope.

Cried at school- Yup.

Broke a bone- Nope.

Broke someone’s heart- I think so.

Had a broken heart- I think so.

Believe in?

God-Yes yes YES.

Miracles- I believe all things are possible when you put your trust in the Lord.

Ghosts- I would like to believe, just for a thrill of it.


Soul Mates- Yes.

Love at First Sight-Yes.

Heaven- Yes.

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Mac ‘Well Dressed’ Powder blush review


Why did I purchase this product?

I was looking a blusher for a long time, and didn’t have a clue what one to go for, as I haven’t really cared much about blusher in the past. As it’s getting into the colder months I think it’s nice to have a little glow on the cheeks so this is why I’m reviewing it now! 

How much is it?

It is quite pricey at £18. I bought it in Dublin which was in euros and it came to around 25 euros!

What is the colour like?

It’s a very subtle pink colour which is great for a natural look that the cold weather would give you. If you like bright coloured cheeks, this won’t be for you. It is subtle but build-able to a certain amount. It has a shimmery sheen to it that gives a little bit of extra texture to your makeup. It is good for a natural pink cheek look or can be a shimmery party number depending on how you want it. Here is a picture with me wearing it on the apples of my cheeks. (Excuse my face being so close…) As you can see it looks natural but I have made it noticeable.


What is the texture like?

The texture is so soft it feels like velvet! It does feel quite luxurious, but what else can you expect from MAC? It doesn’t look cakey on the cheeks either which is why it looks so natural. Here is a photo with it swatched on my very pale wrist! It does look very natural and see through here, but it does look different over foundation.


Is it worth the money?

I would say, yes it is worth the money. It is expensive but you get what you pay for! If you want a natural looking blusher that is build-able and looks professional and will last you a long time, I would go for this one. Cheaper versions can crumble and you end up not getting the full use out of them, but with this one the packaging is superb and will hold in place forever. 

What skin type is it suitable for?

I would say it is suitable for a lot of skin types. I am very pale and I always wear foundation, but if I didn’t I know it would look lovely on my pale skin as well. I think if you are very tanned you might want a slightly more pigmented colour as this one is natural looking and the pink might go unnoticed on some tanned skin. 

What would you rate it out of 10?

This blusher gets a 10/10 from me because it is exactly what I like in a blusher. It is natural, buildable, shimmery and so soft on the skin! I would buy this again 100 percent. Below there is an image that shows the colour of this blush well.

I hope you all enjoyed this review and now you can all have those pink cheeks for the cold winter weather :)! Check out this product here if you are interested! x




Primark haul!!!


Slipper boots £6.00


Black & white handbag £10.00


Burgandy pjs £5.00


Wooly effect midi dress £13.00




Sparkly midi dress £10.00 (estimated price as I forget)


The back of the dress.


Kaki jacket with leather sleeves £22.00


Black lace effect blazer £10.00 (it was around this price, I took the label off).

Once the weather started to get darker quicker and the mornings colder, I knew it was time for a Primark trip. The thought of going to Primark gets me more excited than a chocolate cake, and I LOVE chocolate 😉 this post is just showing some of the items I bought which you lovely people might be interested in. I didn’t get any cosy jumpers unfortunately, the one I liked didn’t have my size, but if you go to a good size Primark, trust me you won’t be disappointed! Also I’ve got a quick question for you, do you pronounce it PRI-MARK or PREE-MARK? I personally have always pronounced it PREEmark! Thanks for reading!! X



This post has been a long time coming! I have used Foxy Locks Extensions for the past 2/3 years now in the shade “Honey Blonde.” I ordered my first pair in the shade “Bleach Blonde,” as that is what the company advised me to go for by using there hair colour matching service .I got my first pair in the lightest weight there is which is 125g, which is “suited for finer, longer hair.” When they arrived I knew straight away they were far too light for my hair. This shade is suitable for very, very bleached, light blonde hair, and my hair has a slightly more natural tone than this. It was simple and quick to return them and get them changed for the colour “Honey Blonde” which I just had to take a chance on. I would have to say that the colours on the website do not look the same as they really are, and I can understand that it is going to be hard to choose from different shades of, pretty much the same colour!

My extensions were returned to me very quickly which is always a bonus, and I was happy to say that they matched my hair a lot more this time. The extensions are 20/22 inches long and when i put them in my hair I have to admit I thought it looked ridiculously fake, because of the length and they were pin straight. I decided to cut them myself to a more suitable length, and I have to say they looked a lot more natural after doing this. This pair lasted me a good year even after cutting them myself!

I decided to get a new pair as my old pair had got quite thin with me constantly styling and brushing them. I wanted to get another pair in 125g, as my hair is fine and I didn’t think i’d need a thicker pair, but after checking the website for days upon days, the colour and weight I was looking was STILL out of stock, I sent emails about this and was told that the stock gets updated every 2-3 weeks, but it didn’t at this particular time. I was desperate, so ended up getting the 165g in “Deluxe,” which is slightly more expensive. I was pretty unsure about what colour to go for, as there was a shade called “Imogen Blonde Highlights” which the owner claims to use, and she has very light blonde hair, which I thought looked very close to the same shade as mine. It arrived and unfortunately it had a bit too much dark shades in it for my hair. Once again I had to return my extensions and I opted for the “honey blonde” shade as It was looking like the closest shade I was going to get. They were returned very quickly again. 

I loved how thick these extensions were, they felt so soft and long, just what every girl wants! I noticed that the colour had a strong yellow shade which must be because they were brand new, so I decided to take a risk and I ran a drop of silver shampoo through them as quickly as I could, and this took some of that yellowness out thankfully, so it was a lot more closer to my colour at this point. I decided not to cut them this time and just to work with the length. The extensions look amazing curled loosely and so natural, when I have them straight I worry about the clips showing because they are a little bit heavy on my hair, but i manage to hide them with a lot of backcombing. I receive a lot of compliments on my hair and people would ask if I’m wearing extensions and they would be shocked when I say I am, because the colour and quality is so good! I’ve been wearing this pair for a couple of months now and the softness and shininess is quickly fading, but they are fine after conditioning them every so often. I would have to say that if you are thinking about buying these extensions, go for it, but be prepared to send them back to change the colour as the names of the colours are very deceiving, apart from this, go for it and let down your new hair!!!