‘Decleor Paris Gradual glow hydrating body milk’ review





In this article you will get the low down on the latest hydrating body milk to hit my collection, and blow the others off the shelf. That is the ‘Decleor Paris Gradual glow hydrating body milk.’  Trust me when I say this is one not to miss.

I don’t know if it was it the ‘curvalicious,’ shape of the bottle that caught my attention, or the bright, dazzling colour. Whatever it was, it made me need to buy it. ‘Decleor Paris’ is a well known brand, although I haven’t bought many of their products in the past due to being a student on a low budget. This one stood out to me as there are no parabens used in it, which is always a plus, the fewer chemicals the better, right?  The bottle contains a hefty 250 ml of goodness and it comes with a twisting motion open/lock lid. It is a thick consistency, yet feels light on the skin; it is not runny in the slightest which is great for saving on waste. It has a sweet fragrance to it that reminds me of sun lotion and a flowery scented perfume, mixed into one. If you aren’t keen on smelly creams, this won’t be for you, as the smell, is quite strong. For me, the smell wasn’t a big deal as you become unaware of it quickly.

The gradual glow from this product is very natural; you definitely won’t wake up in the morning with orange patches from areas of your skin you have missed. It takes time to build up the colour in it. I would recommend this as a daily moisturiser in the summer as it will leave a constant glow all season, without signs of fake tan use. If you are looking a strong colour quickly, this won’t be for you, but if you want a buildable, hydrating product, give this a go. Don’t let the buildable colour put you off as the colour you do receive after a number of uses is rather beautiful, if I do say so myself! Let’s just say bronzed goddess comes to mind!

The moisture my skin absorbed from using this product is insane. I have quite dry skin, but it loved being smothered in this body milk. The hydration it received after using it could be felt all day. It will leave your skin feeling vibrant and full of life from the first use. I recommend this product for anyone ages between 18 upwards, as the hydration levels are fabulous.

I’m giving this product a gold star (in my imagination) for its great value for money, natural, sunny glow and high moisturising power. Get it before it runs out!

Ps. I want to apologize for my lack of activity on my blog recently, I’m in my last semester of an HND, which requires an awful lot of work, as well as applying for jobs like crazy and planning on moving over seas, so yeah… things have been kind of crazy lately! Please stick by me though, I promise to make more of an effort! 🙂 x


Review – Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: Image 01


Why did you buy this product?

I bought it because I heard some good reviews about it, I specifically heard “UglyFaceOfBeauty” talking about it in one of her videos and saying how much she loved it. I have been using the same makeup brush for so long and thought I would try a sponge for a change.

How much was it?

It cost around £4 from Boots.

What was the sponge quality and texture like?

The sponge feels amazing on your skin. It is so soft yet firm enough to apply foundation evenly to your face. It is a real treat to use on the skin. I don’t think it would rip or tear easily.

How well does it apply foundation?

Okay, I have to admit this sponge just doesn’t agree with my face. I use Mac Studio Fix foundation and it comes off so easily when I use this sponge! I realize that I might have to build my foundation more with a sponge, but even after I do this it still seems to come off my face so quickly. I would come home from college with a white chin and forehead, even after applying powders on top and primer underneath. It does make applying foundation quick and easy! It is so soft to the face and buffs in very well. There is an angled corner specifically for getting in areas around your eyes and nose which is really handy. It does apply foundation thinly, if you want to hide blemishes or freckles, you need to go over them areas a few times.

Do you think it is worth the money?

For £4 you can’t go wrong. I did expect a better product from this brand as it is very popular, but maybe sponges just aren’t for me.

Would you buy it again?

No. I won’t be buying this product again as it will probably last me a very long time anyway! It is always good to have a sponge handy though.

What is your overall opinion?

I think it is a good quality ‘build’ of a product. It is a good size, texture, and, you’ve got to love the bright orange colour! It’s very soft on the skin which is important, especially for people with sensitive skin. I am disappointed with how this sponge makes MY foundation look. For me, it leaves my face a bit patchy from the start, and it comes off my face very quickly, which is disappointing. I have went back to using my Mac foundation brush and I couldn’t believe the difference. My foundation has been staying on all day, doesn’t look as oily and doesn’t wear off anywhere NEAR as quickly. I think it MIGHT be suitable for someone with a tanned complexion who doesn’t need an awful lot of face coverage. I would give this product a 5/10.

Have you tried this product? If so, have you had similar problems :)? x

Timotei Pure Shampoo Review





Why did you buy this shampoo?

I bought it because I recently got micro ring extensions in my hair and they require a shampoo with no sulfates. I was recommended this one by my hairdresser as it contains 0% Silicone’s, 0% Parabens and 0% colourants! You would be surprised at how much rubbish is in shampoo these days. I needed a ‘natural’ shampoo so it doesn’t damage the micro rings in my hair. 

What is it like compared to other non natural shampoos?

It is clear in colour and feels more runny than the ‘normal’ shampoos I would use such as Herbal Essences, for example. It has a citrus, tropical type smell which I was surprised at as it is a natural shampoo. I can’t rub this shampoo vigorously on my hair because of my extensions, but it doesn’t seem to foam up just as much as a normal shampoo would.

Does it clean your hair properly?

Yes, yes, YES! I have to admit that I was worried it might not clean my hair properly, I don’t know why, I guess it was because I thought, ‘there is nothing in this, it won’t work!’ It actually really does clean your hair properly, if even better than my normal shampoos! Here is a photo of my hair freshly washed using this shampoo. Notice how clean my roots look!



What is the price?

It costs £2.99 from Super Drug, So I certainly am not complaining!

Is there a conditioner?

Yes, I recently tried the conditioner in the ‘Pure’ brand for highlighted hair, and it was so silky soft and really moisturised my hair. I will be purchasing more of this!

Is there only a ‘Normal to Greasy’ option?

Yes, I looked for a ‘dry’ option as my hair gets very dry and there is none, this is the only option I have found so far. There is a shampoo and conditioner in one but I don’t like using these mixed types all through my hair.

What would you rate it out of 10?


What is your over all opinion?

I really like this product and I am glad I found it. I will use it even after my hair extensions are taken out as it is bound to be a lot better for your hair as it is ‘natural,’ as well as dead cheap! The bottle is a big size for the price but it is quite runny in texture and so you may use it up quicker than a normal shampoo.I also think it would be great if they brought out a ‘dry hair’ option instead of just the ‘normal to greasy’ one as not everyone’s hair is suitable for it.

I hope you all enjoyed this review! Leave me some feedback, it would be much appreciated! Have you tried this out? What did you think of it? x

Mac ‘Well Dressed’ Powder blush review


Why did I purchase this product?

I was looking a blusher for a long time, and didn’t have a clue what one to go for, as I haven’t really cared much about blusher in the past. As it’s getting into the colder months I think it’s nice to have a little glow on the cheeks so this is why I’m reviewing it now! 

How much is it?

It is quite pricey at £18. I bought it in Dublin which was in euros and it came to around 25 euros!

What is the colour like?

It’s a very subtle pink colour which is great for a natural look that the cold weather would give you. If you like bright coloured cheeks, this won’t be for you. It is subtle but build-able to a certain amount. It has a shimmery sheen to it that gives a little bit of extra texture to your makeup. It is good for a natural pink cheek look or can be a shimmery party number depending on how you want it. Here is a picture with me wearing it on the apples of my cheeks. (Excuse my face being so close…) As you can see it looks natural but I have made it noticeable.


What is the texture like?

The texture is so soft it feels like velvet! It does feel quite luxurious, but what else can you expect from MAC? It doesn’t look cakey on the cheeks either which is why it looks so natural. Here is a photo with it swatched on my very pale wrist! It does look very natural and see through here, but it does look different over foundation.


Is it worth the money?

I would say, yes it is worth the money. It is expensive but you get what you pay for! If you want a natural looking blusher that is build-able and looks professional and will last you a long time, I would go for this one. Cheaper versions can crumble and you end up not getting the full use out of them, but with this one the packaging is superb and will hold in place forever. 

What skin type is it suitable for?

I would say it is suitable for a lot of skin types. I am very pale and I always wear foundation, but if I didn’t I know it would look lovely on my pale skin as well. I think if you are very tanned you might want a slightly more pigmented colour as this one is natural looking and the pink might go unnoticed on some tanned skin. 

What would you rate it out of 10?

This blusher gets a 10/10 from me because it is exactly what I like in a blusher. It is natural, buildable, shimmery and so soft on the skin! I would buy this again 100 percent. Below there is an image that shows the colour of this blush well.

I hope you all enjoyed this review and now you can all have those pink cheeks for the cold winter weather :)! Check out this product here if you are interested! x




Rimmel Lasting Finish V. Revlon Colourstay

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 13.41.23

I have been using Revlon Colourstay foundation for years now, it’s my favourite for a lot of reasons, but mainly because it hasn’t let me down for so long. I fancied shaking things up a bit and trying something new, and I decided after hearing good reviews on Rimmel Lasting Finish, to give it a try! I’m going to review both to give you my honest opinion.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour

photo 4

I bought this foundation because I’d heard many good opinions on it. It mentions that it lasts 25 hours which is pretty appealing too! I noticed the texture of this foundation was a lot stickier than the Revlon Colourstay and it takes a little longer to dry in. When you pump the Rimmel foundation out, it looks thick, but when you apply it to your face it dries very thinly compared to the Revlon one. I have a few freckles and it takes a few coats to cover them with this one. I quite like the colour though, it gives quite a flawless finish with some powder over it. Just be aware that it can cake when you use bronzer, just be sure to stroke the cheeks gently and you should be okay. I noticed that when I apply my eye makeup it leaves white marks where my fingers have been on my cheeks, they’re quite noticeable too, so you have to go over them. It does last me a full day at work and college, but if I was going out for a night on the town after, I would have to reapply it as it would have faded. It is a thin texture, so it is nice and easy to apply to the skin.

photo 3

Revlon Colourstay 24 hour

photo 5

I have went back to this foundation so many times, it’s around £12 so it is pricey for a drugstore product. It gives a flawless finish everytime, it’s easy to build up if you want it a bit thicker. It dries in quicker than the Rimmel foundation, I don’t have the time to be waiting around! This foundation doesn’t come off easily either, if you touch your face it doesn’t move, whereas the Rimmel foundation does come off a little. It’s meant to last 24 hours, it’s fine for a day at college or work, but you would have to reapply it for a night out because it does fade as the day goes on. It is harder to remove than the Rimmel makeup. It also comes in a good range of shades where as the Rimmel doesn’t have as much choice.

photo 2

Final thoughts

I have to say that the Rimmel one is wearable, this is good for me as I have stuck with Revlon for SO long. I’ve only had this foundation for a week so I want to keep trying it to get a better idea on what it’s like. At the minute I would say I probably will go back to my Revlon, simply because, to me, it dries a lot quicker and leaves a more natural shade than the Rimmel. I think that the Rimmel one is suitable for days at college or lazy days, but if you want more of a flawless finish that lasts for long hours, I would use Revlon.

Review – Benefit Eye Bright pencil



 I wanted to try this product out ever sense I heard about it from the beautiful Youtube guru Lauren Curtis. Her eyes ALWAYS look amazing so I thought I need to try it! It’s not very long in length and weighs 1.4g. It is a big chunky pencil which I didn’t realise until I got it. This isn’t a big deal although I had to go and buy a big size pencil sharpener! I also think the size of the pencil makes it hard to apply neatly around your eyes, you have to be quite careful. 

The colour of the pencil is a cream sheen with a light pink tint. It is a really nice creamy soft texture aswell. This pencil is meant to be for brightening up the eyes by applying a bit to the inner and outer corner of your eyes, but I know that some people apply it to the inner eyelid. It can look quite noticeable at first when you put it on your lids but if you apply mascara and blend it slightly it’s fine. I definately think it makes my eyes look bigger and more awake but I’ve also started using it with an angled brush for defining my brows! It works so well for this! You just dab your angled brush into the pencil and then apply under your eyebrow arch to give it a salon finished, defined and professional look. 

It is £15 from Benefit but I purchased mine from ebay for a good bit cheaper and it’s perfect quality. I would recommend this product for sure, perfect for making you look sharp and awake on an early morning!



This post has been a long time coming! I have used Foxy Locks Extensions for the past 2/3 years now in the shade “Honey Blonde.” I ordered my first pair in the shade “Bleach Blonde,” as that is what the company advised me to go for by using there hair colour matching service .I got my first pair in the lightest weight there is which is 125g, which is “suited for finer, longer hair.” When they arrived I knew straight away they were far too light for my hair. This shade is suitable for very, very bleached, light blonde hair, and my hair has a slightly more natural tone than this. It was simple and quick to return them and get them changed for the colour “Honey Blonde” which I just had to take a chance on. I would have to say that the colours on the website do not look the same as they really are, and I can understand that it is going to be hard to choose from different shades of, pretty much the same colour!

My extensions were returned to me very quickly which is always a bonus, and I was happy to say that they matched my hair a lot more this time. The extensions are 20/22 inches long and when i put them in my hair I have to admit I thought it looked ridiculously fake, because of the length and they were pin straight. I decided to cut them myself to a more suitable length, and I have to say they looked a lot more natural after doing this. This pair lasted me a good year even after cutting them myself!

I decided to get a new pair as my old pair had got quite thin with me constantly styling and brushing them. I wanted to get another pair in 125g, as my hair is fine and I didn’t think i’d need a thicker pair, but after checking the website for days upon days, the colour and weight I was looking was STILL out of stock, I sent emails about this and was told that the stock gets updated every 2-3 weeks, but it didn’t at this particular time. I was desperate, so ended up getting the 165g in “Deluxe,” which is slightly more expensive. I was pretty unsure about what colour to go for, as there was a shade called “Imogen Blonde Highlights” which the owner claims to use, and she has very light blonde hair, which I thought looked very close to the same shade as mine. It arrived and unfortunately it had a bit too much dark shades in it for my hair. Once again I had to return my extensions and I opted for the “honey blonde” shade as It was looking like the closest shade I was going to get. They were returned very quickly again. 

I loved how thick these extensions were, they felt so soft and long, just what every girl wants! I noticed that the colour had a strong yellow shade which must be because they were brand new, so I decided to take a risk and I ran a drop of silver shampoo through them as quickly as I could, and this took some of that yellowness out thankfully, so it was a lot more closer to my colour at this point. I decided not to cut them this time and just to work with the length. The extensions look amazing curled loosely and so natural, when I have them straight I worry about the clips showing because they are a little bit heavy on my hair, but i manage to hide them with a lot of backcombing. I receive a lot of compliments on my hair and people would ask if I’m wearing extensions and they would be shocked when I say I am, because the colour and quality is so good! I’ve been wearing this pair for a couple of months now and the softness and shininess is quickly fading, but they are fine after conditioning them every so often. I would have to say that if you are thinking about buying these extensions, go for it, but be prepared to send them back to change the colour as the names of the colours are very deceiving, apart from this, go for it and let down your new hair!!!