What I got for Christmas!

This is my first proper post of 2014 and it is the highly requested ‘What I got for Christmas’ post! These presents were bought by my family members, friends and boyfriend. In no way shape or form am I boasting, I really appreciate every gift I received big and small and just want to share my opinions on them! I hope you enjoy reading this 🙂

Urban Decay Naked ‘Flushed’ palette

Urban Decay Naked Flushed: Image 01

This is a palette that contains a bronzer, blush and highlighter. My mum bought me this present and it cost around £20. The bronzer is a nice, build-able colour that is best applied with light strokes to get the desired effect. The highlighter has a light pink shimmer to it and isn’t the sort of product I have used before as I prefer to use a white, creamy powder instead. I have used the highlighter above my contoured cheeks to give a touch of shimmer. The blush is a very rosey pink colour and can be very dramatic looking if you are not light handed. Over all I would say this is a great palette for anyone starting out with contouring and highlighting. It is high quality and will last you a long time no doubt. I have my own favorite bronzer and powder I use for contouring and highlighting which I prefer to use, but this is probably because I’m not a big fan on changing things up!

Asos Checked scarf

Image 1 of ASOS Check Print Scarf

My brother bought me this scarf for Christmas, he has surprisingly good taste for a man! It’s from ASOS and I am guessing it was around £10. I love this scarf because the colours in it are brighter than the usual checkered scarf and it is also a light material instead of a woolen one.

Michael Kors watch

My lovely boyfriend bought me this watch for Christmas as I have wanted one for so long! Michael Kors watches have been very popular this Christmas I have found. It cost around £230 but it is well worth the money and will last me forever. It is a statement piece that gives any outfit a touch of class.

Large hair rollers

I was kindly given these large jumbo rollers by my brother’s girlfriend. She knows me too well as I love big, voluptuous hair! These rollers in the image aren’t the exact rollers I was given but the image gives a good realistic view of the size they are. As you can see they are very big, I haven’t tried them yet but I’m excited to use them! I don’t know if they will do a lot to my hair but I will definitely give them a try as I love the look rollers give.

OPI Nail Varnish

I got this nail varnish as a secret santa present and I love it. It is so vibrant and glittery which is perfect for the party season, or for a night out to add a little bit of glitz! I think it would be lovely as a top coat over a black or red colour.

Alien perfume by Thierry Mugler

My mum bought me this perfume because I have went on about it for so long and I kept using her bottle of it! It’s a lovely, rich, mysterious scent and I would wear it all year round! I have to admit I prefer the ‘Womanity’ perfume by Mugler, but this one is still amazing.

I also received lots of stocking fillers like pyjamas, dressing gowns (yes, plural) comfy fluffy socks, a few wee dresses, a phone cover and a selection box! I got a new car in September which was my main Christmas present so I actually did very well this year! I couldn’t be happier with what I received and I had a lovely Christmas spending time with my loved ones. I can’t believe it is over so quickly! Now it’s all about summer 😉 Any recommendations on where to go for a fab beach holiday?

Thanks for reading, lots of love x

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Products I’ve been loving – Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner


I purchased this product from a local bargain store, I had never heard anything about it before but the packaging caught my eye as the bottles are quite big, I can’t remember the exact price I paid, but it was no more than £3 a bottle! (Could of been £2.50). I didn’t expect much from the product as I’d never heard or seen it before, and I don’t think its sold in the likes of SuperDrug. 

I bought the shampoo and the conditioner, and the smell was lovely, it wasn’t really in your face and I guess this is because it contains all good, natural ingredients. I washed my hair and let it dry naturally, then straightened it after. I was so surprised at how my hair felt, it was like I’d just been out of the hairdressers! The colour and shine it produced was like nothing I’d ever experienced before from any other shampoo. It literally looked as if I’d got my colour re-done, it looked that fresh and vibrant! I can’t recommend this product enough, it is great value for money as the bottle is huge (250ml) and I’m still using mine and I purchased these ages ago! 

I noticed that you can get them on Ebay and Amazon, but if you’re from Northern Ireland, visit the local store “Discount NI.”