My experience with micro loop extensions


I have had a lot of people ask me questions about my extensions and I think it would be good for me to share all the answers in one place. If you want to find out more about them please feel free to read on!

My first experience with micro loop extensions

I had my first micro loop extensions put in around May last year. I got them because I had always wanted to try them and there was an unbelievable offer on at £140 for a full head. I had my student loan in and thought, lets go for it! It took about 2 hours to fit them and the experience was quite sore as they are clamped quite close to the scalp. I noticed that these extensions were thin and, for 18inchs, looked very short still. I was shocked to find one of them fell out on the first day. This happened on a daily basis. I went back to the hairdressers to get them refitted about 6 weeks later and,to my surprise, she told me they hadn’t been looked after properly, which I have to disagree with as I did everything she told me to do when caring for them. At this stage there was about 3 left in my hair! They were refitted and they fell out even quicker this time, it was disgraceful. I came to the conclusion that these were a cheap pair of extensions and I got what I paid for. This turned out to be true as I had a much better experience the second time. 

My second experience with micro loop extensions

How much were they?

£180 for a 3 quarter head.

How did you find a different company?

I had heard a lot of great reviews about this company through friends and Facebook. She is based in Belfast which is a good journey away from where I live, but the prices were good and the reviews were excellent. The business is called La Bella Vita Hairandbeauty.


In the consultation I filled out a few sheets about my health and well being. I was given a booklet on how to properly care for my extensions and what products to use. I got my colour matched up and I was told to get 3 quarters head of extensions as it was most suitable for my hair. I was surprised at how young the girls were, they were only in their early 20’s but had over 2 years experience, as well as running their own successful business.

Fitting the extensions

I came back a couple of weeks later to get them fitted and I couldn’t believe how pain free the experience was, it was much more pleasant than my last pair. The hairdresser was so quick too, it only took her about 45 minutes to fit a 3 quarters head. I didn’t need a full head as my hair is fine and not that long. The extensions were 18inch and were so long and beautiful. I thought they were going to be the same length as my previous pair as they were ‘supposedly’ 18 inches too. These ones were much longer which I love! The colour match was perfect.


I went back to get my extensions moved up as they grow out as your hair grows after 8 weeks. 5 of them had fell out, which you couldn’t even notice. They had grown out a good inch or more which I was surprised at as I didn’t think my hair grew! The girl moved them all up which was once again pain free, she told me my hair was in great condition and i’d looked after them perfectly. They felt really secure once again.

My opinion

I absolutely love my hair extensions now. They have served me well and the quality is second to none! I don’t know how I will ever cope without them now! I probably wont… The extensions look fabulous and so natural, you can get the long flowing, natural looking locks you’ve always wanted. They look good down and up. I would say that if you wear your hair up all the time, these mightn’t be for you as they can be tricky to hide the loops, it is possible but takes a bit of fiddling if you want it up in a high ponytail. I deep condition my hair every week or so just on the ends to keep them soft and smooth. They are much more handier than clip in extensions as well, as you don’t have to worry about putting them in and getting them to sit with your own hair naturally. 

If you have any questions on this subject just let me know and I’ll be happy to help 🙂 Thanks for reading x