All about me – I tag YOU


I was tagged to do this post by my lovely friend OhKay DohKay! It is a questions and answer tag with all the juicy questions I would like to know about a blogger! Hope you enjoy this read! I will be doing a beauty post very soon, watch this space.

Back to Basics!

Nicknames- Lynds, Loop as my dad likes to call me, Lynda, some just like to call me fabulous 😉 haha…

Birthday- 23.10.93

Occupation- Full time Media student and part time shop assistant.

Residence- Northern Ireland!


Hair Colour- Blonde.

Hair Length- Long now with my micro ring extensions in, but it is just at my collarbone naturally.

Eye Colour- Blue.

Height- 5ft4.

Glasses- Yeah, I wear contact lenses in public most of the time, but glasses are so much handier! My eyesight is shocking!

Piercings- My ears is all!

Tattoos- Nope. Not one.

Left or Right- Right!

Your Firsts

Best friend- Sophie Willis from Primary school.

First boyfriend- I really don’t know what counts as a boyfriend when you are so young lol! My first proper boyfriend was when I was around 16.

First School- King’s Park Primary School.

First Holiday- I’ve been on lots of holidays, it was probably to Tenerife or somewhere like that.


Movie- The Notebook, Machine Gun Preacher, Jango Unchained.

TV Show- TOWIE, Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners and any health or lifestyle documentaries (don’t judge me).

Colour- I like Pink, sunset orange and lemon.

Books/Authors- I don’t read a lot to be honest, the books I have enjoyed the most have been Celebrity stories particularly Cheryl Coles.

Song- Too many! I like a lot of different songs but Christian music such as Hillsong is amazing, I also love the latest pop songs and a bit of r&b!

Candy- Hmm I love my chocolate more than anything else really.

Store- Primark, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, H&m and River Island all mixed into one please.

Resteraunt-Blue Chicago and The Viscount are my 2 favourites.

Magazines- Company is my fave.


Feeling- Slightly panicky about assignments, with a hint of happiness! Pretty much my usual mood!

Webpage open- This and OhKay DohKay’s blog page!

Watching- Nothing, just myself typing as I’m in college.

Thinking- What have I to do for college and for when? What time will I go home? What will I do this evening?!

Hoping- Next week comes quickly!

Wearing- Skinny jeans, a white tank top, a checkered shirt, long brown boots and a cream gillet.

The Future.

Children- Twins please, but not for a long, long time.

Married- Yes.

Live- Wales which will be in the not too far future! 🙂

Have you ever?

Kissed a Stranger- Sort of! Oops.

Drunk Alcohol- Yup.

Smoked- Nope.

Cried at school- Yup.

Broke a bone- Nope.

Broke someone’s heart- I think so.

Had a broken heart- I think so.

Believe in?

God-Yes yes YES.

Miracles- I believe all things are possible when you put your trust in the Lord.

Ghosts- I would like to believe, just for a thrill of it.


Soul Mates- Yes.

Love at First Sight-Yes.

Heaven- Yes.

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Beauty product reviews

image (2)

I recently purchased these beauty products myself and my reviews are 100% genuine 🙂

The first product i’d like to talk about is the Waterproof “Volume Flash Scandaleyes” mascara by Rimmel London in 001 black. I never usually go for waterproof mascaras but I was going on holidays and thought it would be more suitable for the beach etc. I’d used this product before in the non-waterproof formula and I absolutely loved it, in fact I used the whole bottle until there was literally not a drop left. It made my lashes full, long and thick; they looked almost like false lashes if you build it up to that level. I was really let down by the waterproof formula, it was completely different in texture; it was thin, light and it felt like it wasn’t opening my eyes the way I wanted it to. To be completely honest the most it did for my eye lashes was make them look black. Over all I would say go for the non-waterproof mascara in this, it is amazing and I will be purchasing it again without fail.

I have big love for pink lipsticks; I think it’s because my lips are quite small and I feel like reds and bright colours can make them look even smaller.I purchased a Max Factor lippy in the colour 610 Angel Pink. In the packaging it looks like a really baby pink colour that you would presume would make the lips look naturally coloured. The colour of the lipstick inside is different as it has a shimmer to it, this makes the colour a lot lighter and not as matte, which is a shame because I think that this baby pink colour would be lovely without the shimmer. To me, I feel like it isn’t noticeable enough for the price I paid, which I believe was around £10. It is nice after I put some pink lipgloss over the top, but you would definitely need this if you want to see any real colour to your lips. Overall, I would say avoid this and get a more matte lipstick, or a lip gloss which could give you a similar effect on it’s own.

The next product I recently got was free in “Glamour” magazine and it was a “Model Co” eyeliner. Model Co are a beauty brand from Sydney Australia. I didn’t expect much as it was a freebie, but I needed a new eyeliner and thought I may as well give it a go. I was really surprised by the product itself, it never broke when I used it and it comes with a great sharpener which is always handy. The colour was black 01 and it came out on the eyes fairly dark, it wasn’t dramatically black, but it was good for every day use. I have to say I prefer the “MUA” eyeliner which is cheap and cheerful, but a lot more dramatic looking than this “Model Co” one. Over all I would say it’s quite good and I’ll use it for days when I don’t want to create a statement look.

I also want to review the eyebrow palette that is well known and used these days called ‘HD Brows’ in the shade ‘Foxy.’ This shade is most suitable for brown hair to dark blondes, but I would say it is almost still too dark for dark blondes… I was so excited to try this product out once and for all, it was an investment piece as I usually use the ‘Sleek’ eyebrow palette, but it was sold out in my local drugstore. The packaging was cute and impressive looking, just what every girl likes! It comes with 4 different shadess; one is light (creamy), one is dark (almost black) one is a chestnut brown shade and the last one is a strong, rich brown shade. Having not tried this product before, I went for the darkest colour, not expecting too much definition, well I was wrong. I came out with brows that looked ridiculous against my pale skin and blonde hair. They looked black, not brown at ALL. I knew then that I wouldn’t be using that shade at all, unless I turned gothic. The next shade I tried was the second darkest one, which was a rich, deep brown shade, I was sure to go extra lightly, just in case it was too much; yet again, it was still too dark for me. I was a little annoyed because I knew at this point that I’d paid a pricey amount for this product and 2 of the colours were out of the question already. I tried the light brown next and mixed the cream colour with it, thankfully it turned out in a shade I found exceptable! So to sum this up, I can only use two out of the four shades in the HD palette, and maybe I will go for the lighter pallette next time and hope for the best! Personally, I prefer the ‘Sleek’ palette because you get one shade and you know you are going to get the use out of it! However this product does do what it says on the tin, gives you definitive looking brows that can be prepared in seconds and last all day.

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Images – products reviewed, different shades from the HD ‘Foxy’ palette.